You know how a Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch is made it? We went to a replic watches manufacturing center, where we have witnessed a variety of important steps Audemars Piguet watch from the original Replica raw materials through to the finished product between experienced, you can imagine, the first lump of gold is how through a procedure Premium quality Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Gold Case.
For all the fake watches, the material from the beginning to the final product, simply requires the following processes:
1: Raw material cutting punch
2:Detection of parts, grinding, modification
3:Assembled into smaller functional components
4:Assembled the entire watch movement
5:Testing, cased, adjustment

For the beginning of the raw materials, a lot of fake watches manufacturing center, there will be a special room to store raw materials such as stainless steel or gold, these materials have been stored up in accordance with a certain width or thickness of a roll. Precious metals here is very important. Process visit, the first time I felt so real gold, 1 kg and 8 kg of gold in my hands, not to mention even harder up. These little nuggets and other alloy materials will be in 1000-degree heat of the melting furnace flows into a 6 kg or 8-kilogram steel containers. After cooling down after 50 times the pressure of impact, almost 10 minutes, cooled Daikin those blocks became 12 mm gold film, which also guarantees to maximize the gold sheet density and hardness. These gold need to meet the following requirements: First, the national mining authority conferred legitimacy; furthermore mining can not be involved in key natural ecosystems or political strife Strip, forced labor, child labor can not be; and then also having the necessary environmental protection measures, including minimizing the use of mercury and zero mercury content of the waste and the like.
Parts stamping cutting area is mainly of raw materials in accordance with certain requirements to do the cutting and styling stamping shape, such as fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches shell, chain link watch, jaw movement and movement parts, etc., which need the help CNC punch and die. These molds are set the type, if not replacement, a mold will be used for a long time. The role of a CNC punching machine is to do the cutting movement parts, watchmaker people will need to set up and punched out the shape of the part above the hole in advance, then that is a raw material in accordance with predetermined shape to do cutting and punching, then someone will come to these parts to do random checks to determine the shape and punching accuracy. Platinum Processing Zone may platinum products include watches Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak shells, watch bands, watch buckle production, polishing and other processes, as well as a small part of the initial ring shape.
These basic parts are then polished and after modification, you can take it assembled. In general, each manufacturer Audemars Piguet replica watches assembled master only one part of the movement or watch the meter body, from one small part, to the functional component to the entire movement, and then to the final replica watches . Like wrist watch people should know how important springs in the end for Audemars Piguet replica, accurate travel time by the watch hairspring balance precisely fit between the wheels. So when you see a circle of gossamer balance wheel mounted to the system, I really super excited. To ask the assembly to time, some of the complex functions of the movement assembled to spend three weeks with tourbillon, for example, you may be required to complete the assembly of two days.

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